Vienna’s Winter Delights

Vienna, Central Europe’s imperial city, with its Habsburgian heritage and baroque grandeur,… Read the full article

Beating the Winter Blues in Berlin

Winters in Berlin have a reputation for being cold, wet and blustery. Yet, as you will soon find out,… Read the full article

Prague: A Winter Wonderland

When the long winter hits home, things quieten down in Prague, the snowy streets tell a different story,… Read the full article

The Velvet Revolution

Their names were Tomáš and Zdeněk and they were waiting for us as we got off the train from Vienna,… Read the full article

The Fall of the Berlin Wall

Little did I know that Chernobyl would result in the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989,… Read the full article

Autumn in Vienna: Art & Design

Vienna in the fall, takes on a plethora of hues as the lush verdant summer foliage in the city’s ample parks and gardens … Read the full article

The Hues of Autumn in Prague

The fall in Prague is perhaps our favourite season in the city of a hundred spires,… Read the full article

An Autumn to Remember in Berlin

Unlike in its Central European counterparts, the frenzied pace and energy never really let up as the seasons change in Berlin,… Read the full article

Fall, or an Indian Summer in Budapest

Given its location in the southern heart of Europe, Budapest experiences a longer summer than many of its Central European contemporaries… Read the full article

A Summer of Surprises in Budapest

Being the southernmost Central European capital has its perks. Budapest, unlike Prague, Berlin or even Vienna … Read the full article

An Epic Berlin Summer

Nothing is quite epic as a full Berlin summer. What the city lacks in historical edifices,… Read the full article

An Insightful Prague Summer

Summer in Prague is all about reclaiming the city from the throes of the harsh winter. Read the full article

An Imperial Viennese Summer

Few cities can rival Vienna when it is decked out in its imperial summer glory, Read the full article

Spring Vibes in Berlin

Berlin’s story is often told through the stories of its various districts. Come spring,  Read the full article

An Artsy Budapest Spring

Budapest’s southerly location, when compared to its Central European siblings, Read the full article

A Prague Spring

Spring in Prague conjures up memories both good and bad in a city where a whole generation, Read the full article

A Viennese Spring in Your Step

Vienna bursts into life again, much like the adagio of Beethoven’s spring sonata, Read the full article

A Wintry Budapest Tale

Insight Cities sheds some light on the different influences that make Budapest come alive in the winterRead the full article

A Viennese Winter Delight

Insight Cities gives you a chance to sample Vienna’s delights this winter, with our curated list of activitiesRead the full article

A Winter Agenda for Prague

Insight Cities list of must-sees in Prague over the next few months, is guaranteed to keep the winter blues away. Read the full article

Winter in Berlin: Design, Decadence, Food and Film

Few cities can parallel Berlin’s passion for life. Insight Cities takes a look at what the winter has in store for Berlin. Read the full article

The Writing on the Wall: Berlin Street Art

Tall walls scream loud and proud: 30 meter high murals adorn entire sides of buildings in Berlin. Read the full article

Prague’s Postmodern Avatar: Kasarna Karlin

In the first of a series of posts on the spaces defining Prague’s slick, modern avatar, we look at Kasarna Karlin. Read the full article

Prague is Bursting With Events This Summer and Fall

In the last few years Prague has been making headlines as a top travel destination for good reason. This city’s beauty rivals more familiar travel hot spots, and Prague has a life of its own. Read the full article

Dive Into a Sea of Cultural Events This Summer and Fall in Berlin

Few cities blend history and culture quite like Berlin. The German capital has long been known for its ever-burgeoning, ever-changing local and international cultural scene. Read the full article

Summer in Budapest Illuminated With Art, Heritage and Cuisine

Budapest is brightening up and enticing us with ample amounts of events for cultural and culinary enlightenment. The country is awash with beautiful architecture, culture, farms and vineyards. Read the full article

Vienna’s Summer and Fall Events Bring the City to Life

Vienna needs no introduction when it comes to culture and class, which is demonstrated by the quality and array of intriguing events and exhibitions that will draw connoisseurs of all types. Read the full article

Fateful Eights: 100 Years of Czech Red Letter Dates in 2018

Traveling history buffs have cause to celebrate 2018 in Prague. This year marks so many meaningful anniversaries for the Czech Republic they can barely contain them all in one calendar. Read the full article

Prague’s Palac Lucerna: Hallowed Halls of History, Art and Architecture

If Vaclav Havel forever left his mark on Czech politics, his grandfather Vacslav Havel left his concrete and marble mark on the streets of Prague: Palac Lucerna, the Lantern Palace, is his legacy. Read the full article

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