Art Mecca: the Chelsea and Lower East Side Galleries of New York

Art Mecca: the Chelsea and Lower East Side Galleries of New York
NYCgalleries1New York city has been and remains the world’s largest art Mecca, attracting artists, art professionals and art lovers from all over the world. With an estimated 1000 galleries throughout the 5 boroughs even the most devoted art viewing New York City resident can feel challenged in knowing where to look and what to see in the constantly evolving and changing art scene. For the occasional or first time visitor it can be daunting. Currently the heaviest concentration of galleries is to be found in Chelsea and The Lower East Side and those areas will be the focus of this tour. 

john-chamberlain-pace-600x400We will begin on the Lower East Side which, over the last five or six years, has witnessed a veritable explosion of new galleries. Woven through this historical immigrant neighborhood, the spaces tend to be smaller than in Chelsea and also more personable. From established galleries that have relocated to galleries that operate on a shoestring there is a palpable sense of energy, of history unfolding in the moment. Here, it is not uncommon for the visitors to find themselves engaged in a lively conversation with a gallery owner. Typically these galleries are open Wednesday through Sunday.


NYCgalleries2From there the tour will journey to the famous Chelsea area with it’s own history as a commercial and bohemian district. Here there is a range of galleries from the cutting edge to mega-galleries some of which house exhibits that rival museum shows. The tour will aim to incorporate a representation of that spectrum. This is also the home of the famous High Line, which offers a respite from street level walking as we walk between streets. Chelsea galleries are usually open from Tuesday to Saturday.


Galleries may include Cheim & Read, Pace, Gagosian, DC Moore, Zurcher Studio, and Steven Harvey Fine Art Projects and others depending on the strengths of the present shows.

NYCgalleries3This tour is well suited both to the experienced art viewer and the newcomer. The tour will be informal and personal, gearing to the needs of the visitors. Whatever your art experience level, this is an opportunity to be part of the conversation; to gain insight into what artists today are making and thinking about. One may imagine that important and exciting art existed only in the past of Cubist Paris of the 1910s or Jackson Pollock’s New York of the 40s and 50s or in Warhol’s Factory in the 60s. However this tour demonstrates that the energy of creation is very much alive today in all its multi-varied forms. Don’t wait to read about these artists in the history books, see and learn about them now!

William Eckhart KohlerNYCWilliam Eckhart Kohler Kohler is an intrepid gallery goer and has relationships with many gallery dealers, so that, where possible, dealers may join in the conversation, bringing further perspective to the art on view. Kohler has been painting for 35 years and exhibiting professionally since the 80s, has taught painting, drawing and art history at various schools including the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Indiana University. This experience serves as a basis for looking at the contemporary art on view and has given Kohler an easy and approachable manner. Kohler also writes on art for the Huffington Post, his Painting Lives! Blog and Art Pulse magazine.


Insight Cities arranges this tour only for private groups with advance notice, at present. Thanks for emailing us at [email protected].
Starting Location:
Cheim & Read Gallery
547 W 25th St, New York
NY 10001, United States


Groups of over 10 should contact us at [email protected] in order to get a special rate for their party.

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